Strength Training

Gain the strength of a gladiator! As a Professional Jiu Jitsu Fighter Zach has to maintain his peak physical shape for competition. He has been a strength coach for over 10 years and has a passion for training others.

Strength is not easy to build. Most people spend a lot of time in a gym and see little or no results. Zach has developed program after program to continue seeing results. He is a true testament to his own strength training program showing that despite his size he has great strength. With Zach's guidance you too can become incredibly strong!

Learn step by step on how to build strength. From ground zero to shredded. No need for crazy diets, just commitment, and hard work. Zach will personalize a strength program that works best for you. He will show you how to perform exercises in a safe and effective way.

Z - Strength Program:

  • Written out program personalized to each client

  • Build Practical Strength

  • How to perform exercises in safe & effective way

  • Given the tools to become independent on your health

  • No need for crazy diets

  • Create better habits in your everyday life

Unleash your inner beast today!

Zach Green
Philadelphia, PA
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