Why I use CBD and why you should too

For those of you that don’t know what CBD is, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it is a compound found in Marijuana Plants that has many health benefits. CBD can relieve pain, anxiety, treat epilepsy, and treat many other ailments. It is all natural, has zero psycho-active effects, and is 100% Legal.

I first started using CBD in 2016 when I had a severe neck injury. Most people don’t know but I herniated the disc’s in my neck pretty bad. For 2 months it felt like my left arm was on fire and 3 of my fingers were numb. Feeling scared I did permanent damage I was willing to try just about anything to find relief and get me well again.

I tried just about everything you can think of. I did Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Decompression, Massage, Acupuncture, CBD, Advil, Ice, you name it I tried it. I found the only things that gave me any sense of relief were Chiropractic, Decompression, Massage, & CBD. Advil didn’t take away my pain or my swelling (I also try to avoid Advil/aspirin because it increases your chances of heart attack). Acupuncture didn’t do anything. Massage would feel good but didn’t take away my pain just helped me feel a little more relaxed. Chiropractic & decompression helped me regain feeling in my fingers and eased the burning sensation in my arm. And Physical Therapy helped my gain strength back in my neck. But I didn’t have access to all these things every day. But CBD I did have access too.

I first started using the CBD Salve. I found that it took down swelling and eased my pain and discomfort way more then ice or Advil/aspirin ever could. Every day I would put the CBD salve on my neck just so I could get comfortable at night to sleep when dealing with this injury. Just getting a good night of sleep was everything, considering how hard it was to get comfortable with out it.

After using the CBD salve, I decided to try some other CBD products. The next I tried were edibles (gummies). I quickly grew to love the CBD edibles. Not only did it make me feel really relaxed but it eases my muscle soreness and pain. I also found that my general joint pain would go away completely. I would get better sleep at night, where I would sleep through the whole night. I would always wake up in the morning feeling well rested and ready for another training session after nights where I would take it.

I personally like the edibles and the salves but there are tons of other ways to get CBD into your system. CBD is so cheap it is easy to purchase and try to find what is best for you. It is all natural and has zero side effects. That’s right, zero side effects!

CBD was definitely a contributing factor to me recovering a horrible injury. My neck today has no burning going down my arm, I have full feeling in my hand, and I have little to no pain. After seeing what it could do with such an injury I continued using it for general recovery from Jiu Jitsu training and found lots of benefits.

Over all I found a lot of benefits taking CBD. From recovering from an extreme injury to general use as an athlete. I found that I feel better, am more relaxed, recover quicker, & sleep better, while taking CBD. People take CBD for other reasons then what I have mentioned but this why I have taken it and how it has personally helped me.

If you are looking for an all natural way to manage your pain, in a cost effective way, recover quicker, ease muscle soreness, and get better rest when you sleep at night, then CBD is definitely for you.

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