Fenom Kimonos Review

In a male dominated sport, it is always going to be more difficult for a female to find proper fitting gear. That is why I am so impressed with Fenom Kimonos. Obviously I am not female, but watching my girlfriend enter the sport of jiu jitsu with a small petite frame, I learned from her experience. I watched her struggle with finding a proper fitting gi for the first couple months of jiu jitsu until she found Fenom.

Looking at their website from a glance you can see that Fenom is a gi company made by female jiu jitsu practitioners for female jiu jitsu practitioners. They have a wide variety of gi’s but what makes the company so impressive is that you order the top and bottom of your gi separately and according to your body type. When you go to select a Jacket or Pants it goes by size, and if you are tall, standard, or curvy.

After seeing my girlfriends experience with Fenom Kimonos company I would highly recommend Fenom Kimonos to any female entering the sport of Jiu Jitsu!

Click the link below to view Fenom Kimonos Website!


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