Allbirds Shoes, Like Walking on a Cloud

Finding the proper shoe has always been a difficult task for me my entire life. Most shoes don’t fit my feet right and hurt after wearing for a period of time. For years I have looked for the perfect everyday shoe. But now I look no further because I found it. Allbirds, ‘Worlds most comfortable’ shoes. Really holds up to its reputation.

There are many reasons I like Allbirds shoes over other companies’ shoes. The company itself is well respected for making Allbirds shoes from all recycled material rubber. The outside of the shoe is made from wool which is warm & cozy. Allbirds are easy to clean since they are machine washable. They don’t offer discounts because they don’t sacrifice quality, which I respect for never lowering the quality of their brand.

I used to come home at night and my feet would be swollen and in pain. Being on my feet all day in a regular shoe just doesn’t cut it. Since wearing Allbirds Runners I don’t have pain in my feet anymore.

I would recommend for anyone to give Allbirds a try, especially if you have foot issues like me. Allbirds is a quality company that I proudly stand behind and I believe makes a shoe worthy of the title ‘Worlds Most Comfortable Shoes’. If you don’t believe me try them yourself!

Pick up your pair today! Click the link below!

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Zach Green
Philadelphia, PA
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