Jiu Jitsu

Private lessons are one of the fastest ways to learn new techniques and perfect old ones. Taking private lessons will ensure your progression in the art with individualized lesson plans that focuses on personalization.

For beginners: Learn the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu. Learn principles & techniques carried across all of Jiu Jitsu. From escapes to submissions, learn everything you need to know to get yourself started on your Jiu Jitsu journey.

For advanced practitioners: Have Zach analyze your Jiu Jitsu game & find the details that are missing in your technique. Missing details can make or break a technique. Expand on your options and refine your Jiu Jitsu with private lessons from Zach.


If financial reasons are holding you back, schedule a semi-private lesson with a friend to split the cost and the lesson plan. Semi-private lessons are a fun and cost effective way to get personal focus dedicated to your improvement.

Schedule a private lesson today!

Zach Green
Philadelphia, PA
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