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Zach Green is the founder of Green Jiu Jitsu Academy. Since discovering his passion for martial arts in Karate class at age five, Zach Green has studied several martial arts, including Judo, Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy of Philadelphia. Zach has placed first in several Jiu Jitsu tournaments. In 2009 he won first place in The Diamond State Games and received bronze at the Pan American Championships (International tournament). In 2010 he won the Philadelphia Grappling Championships. In 2012 he won first place at Grappler's Quest, Naga, The Good Fight, and IBJJF's New York International Open. Zach Green is also a Professional Grappling League contender.


Aside from martial arts, Zach has over ten years of exercise and fitness experience. He is a certified personal trainer through AAAI/ISMA (American Aerobic Association & International Sports Medicine Association). Zach enjoys helping people reach their goals, both physically and mentally, through fitness training and martial arts instruction.

Tournament Resume:

2014 NJ Goodfight Sub Only - 1st place Gi (Up two weight classes), 1st place Nogi (Up two weight classes), 1st place superfight

2014 IBJJF Boston Open - 3rd place

2014 IBJJF Summer New York Open - 2nd place

2014 The Good Fight (Philly Jiu Jitsu Challenge) - 2nd in Gi, 2nd in Nogi

2014 Hammer Tournament - 1st in Gi, 1st in Nogi

2014 The Good Fight (The Duel at Delaware) - 1st in Gi, Fastest Submission Award

2013 Naga (Battle at the Beach) - 2nd in Gi

2013 The Good Fight (Summer Classic) - 1st in Gi Open weight, 2nd in Nogi, 3rd in Gi

2013 The Good Fight (Maryland Open) - 1st Gi, 2nd Gi Open Weight, 3rd NoGi

2012 The Good Fight (Winter BJJ Open) - 1st Gi, 2nd Nogi, 3rd Gi Open Weight

2012 The Good Fight (Tournament of Champions) - 1st Gi, 1st Nogi, 3rd Gi Open Weight

2012 AGL 2 - 1st Gi, 2nd Nogi

2012 Naga PA - 1st Place Gi

2012 Naga (Battle at the Beach) - 1st Place Gi

2012 Grappler's Quest - 1st Place Gi

2012 The Good Fight (Philly Jiu Jitsu Challenge) - 1st Place Gi

2012 Diamond State Games - 2nd Place Gi

2012 IBJJF New York Open -  1st Place Gi

2012 The Good Fight (Tournament of Brotherly Love) - 1st Place Gi, 1st Place No-gi

2012 The Grappling Challenge - 1st Place Gi

2010 Philadelphia Grappling Championships - 1st Place Gi

2009 IBJJF Pan-ams - 3rd Place Gi

2009 Diamond State Games - 1st Place No-gi

Green Jiu Jitsu Academy: 34 Brookline Blvd. Havertown, Pa 19083 Phone: 610-314-7408 Email: